The most important monument of the SHM-PANM is the llaqta or Inka City of Machupicchu, which was planned and built around 1450 A.D. during the Inka Pachakuti government. The work demanded the participation of specialists in architecture, engineering and astronomy, in addition to a large number of labor. More than 50% of the effort required in its construction was used in the preparation of the land, foundation and drainage system. Its construction responds to the need of the Inka State to have a religious, political and administrative center within a sacred space considered the link between the Andes and the Amazon.


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- Shared services, in English or Spanish

- All transfers in all cities visited.

- All entrances to the attractions visited according to the Itinerary.

- 02 hotel nights in Lima. Breakfast included. - Excursion to the city of Lima.

- Excursion to the magical circuit of the waters.

- 03 hotel nights in Cusco. Breakfast included.

- 01 hotel night in Aguas Calientes (Machu Picchu). Breakfast included.

- Full excursion to the city of Cusco and archeological sites.

- Excursion to Machu Picchu (Private Service)

- 01 buffet lunch at Machu Picchu Sanctuary lodge.

- Expedition train ticket to Machu Picchu, starting from hotels of FIRST includes Vistadome train.